Portfolio Management

We provide discretionary, non discretionary portfolio services under SEC Merchant Banker & Port-folio manager rules 1996) for our valued clients. Clients can sell and buy securities on both the Exchanges (DSE & CSE) through our listed panel broker house.

FSICI has two types of Portfolio Management accounts.

Discretionary Account :

  1. Investor’s Discretionary Account (IDA) :
  2. Non Margin Investor’s Discretionary Account (NIDA) :

Key Features:-

  • Under discretionary account clients shall have absolute discretionary power to make investment decision.

We Provide:-

  • Specialist Portfolio Manager for Consultancy
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Analysis Report for Customer through our Research and Development Department
  • Up-to-date information regarding any Regulatory Changes.

 Non-Discretionary Account:

  1. Merchant Bank Discretionary Account (MBDA) :

Key Features:-

  • Under non-discretionary account FSICI shall have absolute discretionary power to make investment decision.
  • Minimum deposit for one year.(Customer can’t withdrawl fund during this period).
  • Loan Facility (Optional,investor may take loan or not).
  • Maintain complete secrecy about investors’ portfolio.
  • Maintain clients’ fund and securities through an omnibus account.
  • Maintain records of all individual clients separately.
  • Ensure all corporate entitlements of the clients and timely collection of the same.
  • Ensure all services required to manage portfolio of the clients as per Agreement.

We Have:-

  • Dynamic Portfolio Management Team having long experience for MBDA Operation
  • Excellent Risk Management System.
  • Capital Market Research & Analysis.

Risk Factors:-

  • Portfolio Manager does not have any guarantee return for all clients.
  • Profit and loss will be accepted by the investor(s) exclusively.